Evolution of Telecom Industry has been a remarkable journey and it continues to push the envelope harder with new products and speeds that were unimaginable sometime back. Wissen’s promise of quality and knowledge has helped large Telecom players to confidently embark on this journey of changing the world on how people communicate. Our strong team of domain and technology experts can help you wade through the hype and implement concrete solutions that provide enormous business value. We can accelerate the rollout and operations of the telco firm by leveraging cutting-edge domain advantage, technology expertise, user experience design, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our objective is to help our clients to innovate at a faster pace.


Wissen has a deep understanding of the OSS domain and technologies involved in Operational support systems. We understand the network elements top-up NMS to activation systems that talk to the EMS for activation. We excel in our understanding of various order management systems that enable network operators to perform seamlessly.


Wissen keenly focus and support all four key processes in BSS: product management, order management, revenue management, billing and customer management. We have past expertise and success stories on BSS modules to boast about. We also bring-in value by leveraging  the best practises of other leading LoBs into the constantly evolving telco space.

Operations, Digitalization & Reporting

Telcos host a shebang of processes over various technology spread; even then there are host of manual stand-off points where technology can make an individual’s life easier. Field engineers could now report the health of the infrastructure over mobile phone directly onto assurance systems instead of submitting a manual report to their supervisors. Telcos have taken the strides forward on to the Digitization world. Wissen has rich resources on Digitization efforts and vast experience to back it.