Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Our Vision

Drive digital transformation in our customer organizations through the adoption of next generation ML,AI, Analytics methodologies and big data technologies

Our core Competency

  • Bring in best in class technologies and methodologies to the problem at hand
  • Scalable and Extensible ML architectures that are built for modern cloud stack
  • Quick prototyping to see if something is possible
  • Research based approach to developing new algorithms- a combination of automatic learning models and handcrafted customized algorithms

Key Differentiators

  • Customizable solution accelerators – Intelligent Search and Document Data Extractor
  • Quality conscious and highly motivated workforce
  • Proven methodologies and domain expertise
  • Faster time to value

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Wissen has a proven track record in delivering best in class NLU solutions across a broad range of application areas. Our custom built and modular NLU pipelines combined with our expertise in data engineering technologies, helps deal with, and unlock value from staggering amount of unstructured data, there by driving efficiencies and business value. Our NLP engine is supplemented with contextualization and knowledge graphs to deliver the precision needed for specific tasks at an enterprise scale.

Cognitive Automation

Wissen’s unique cognitive automation capabilities bring speed, accuracy and cost effectiveness that human workforce can’t provide. Powered by optimized pattern matching and advanced Machine Learning techniques, our Data Extractor solution automates manual driven and time-consuming document-based work flows with very high accuracy, scale and greater efficiency.

OCR and Image Processing

Our OCR pipeline processes images that are far more unconstrained in terms of orientation, skew, folds, low resolution and uneven lighting with a greatly improved recognition accuracy. Application of which range from document image analysis, bill processing, data extraction from images. Novel methods are developed to achieve enhancements to improve the accuracy of OCR. These methods are central to achieving high performing search and information extraction tasks.